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20.4.2018 : 10:31


Record-breaking FIA Dublin

From 8-10 May 2013 the European Future Internet community met during the annual Future Internet Assembly (FIA). The FIA was held in the beautiful city of Dublin hosted at the Helix of Dublin City University (DCU). As always the event was framed by pre-FIA workshops and meetings that were held on 6th and 7th May 2013 and included high level speakers, twelve focused sessions, and numerous demonstrations.

During the high level day on the 8th May, the speakers addressed technology, innovation and in particular the transfer of advanced technology into the market under the theme of the event which was "Accelerating Innovation".

On the 9th and 10th May, the "working" FIA plenary and thematically focused sessions debated twelve topics that were selected among several proposals for sessions. The sessions included, among others, topics such as green ICT, network operators' perspective on Future Internet, mobile games in the cloud, Internet of things, security, the APP economy, open data, linking users to innovation, and innovation platforms in the EU and the US.

The event continues to be a place where European stakeholders meet also their peers from other parts of the world like the US and Asia.

At the closing plenary the public consultation of Horizon 2020 PPP proposal on undefined“Horizon 2020 Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for Future Internet PPP” was presented.

Several awards for the best demonstration stand, the best poster, the best session and the best project were awarded. The best project is a competition that is organised by the ceFIMS project since many years.

The 2014 Future Internet Assembly will be held in Athens.


11 May 2013