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20.4.2018 : 10:35



the online engagement platform by DG CONNECT

Have you already heard about FUTURIUM?

It is an online engagement platform by DG CONNECT, which invites the stakeholders (and those to become) to jointly define long-term visions and ideas for the future.

Why do we need this? Because the future research programme will require serious, visionary, high-quality input. You can provide a very useful perspective towards what the new programme should offer, and you have here an opportunity to influence it.

The outcome of FUTURIUM would be an input to the portfolio of needs, visions and policy reflections for the new Commission and European Parliament. It shall help to give more impact to the stakeholder's and citizen's voice, to your voice.

On FUTURIUM you can co-create visions (futures) and policy ideas just like a wiki, vote on the plausibility and impacts of policy ideas and attach scientific evidence to content through a library of references. You can also

  • Post your own policy ideas, library entries, or comments
  • Organise brainstorming webinars (our FUTURIUM collaborators will be there to guide you) and invite whomever you want to debate about the future policy ideas that matter to you
  • Act like a curator for those subjects where you feel particularly involved so that you could steer the discussions and inputs - this role needs more time investment but will give more opportunity to influence discussions and inputs

May I encourage you to feed this platform with ideas resulting from your perspective, and profit from its opportunities?

You are, of course, also welcome to pass the message to any other interested person so that they can share their ideas and concerns as well.

Be curious and have a look – maybe ideas of your concern are already present and you can identify here others with whom to share those.

Thank you for your collaboration!

11 June 2013