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20.4.2018 : 10:21


3 Future Internet Standards

Following the successful pre-standarisation actions and activities presented at the last 3 FIA Conferences ( FIA Valencia - April 2010, FIA Budapest -May 2011,  FIA Poznan - October 2011) I am pleased to inform you that 3 documents prepared with input from FP7 EU projects (Univerself, 4Ward, AutoI, Reservoir and others) were approved in the last 4 months by ITU-T plenary  as Recommendations (i.e. standards). They are most probably the first systemic standandards for Future Internet and cover the following 3 key topics : what is  Future Network/ Future Internet, what is the Network virtualisation /Network Clouds and what are the energy management functions of Future Networks. 

Y.3001 Recommendation - "Future Networks: Objectives and Design Goals" 

Short Summary - This Recommendation describes objectives and design goals for Future Networks (FNs). In order to differentiate FNs from existing networks, four objectives were identified, which are service-, data-, environment-, and social and economic awareness. In order to realize the objectives, twelve design goals were identified, which are service diversity, functional flexibility, virtualization of resources, data access, energy consumption, service universalization, economic incentives, network management, mobility, optimization, identification, reliability and security. This Recommendation assumes that the target timeframe for FNs fall approximately between 2015 and 2020. In the appendix, this Recommendation describes technologies elaborated in recent research efforts that are likely to be used as an enabling technology of each design goal.

Y.3011 Recommendation - "New  Framework of network virtualization for Future Networks"

Short Summary - This Recommendation describes the framework of network virtualization for Future Networks (FNs). It presents its definition, effectiveness, and its provisioning, logically isolated network partition. This Recommendation also discusses the problem spaces of network virtualization in the networks and investigates its several design goals. Finally, applicability of network virtualization is discussed. In appendix, detailed use-cases on various aspects such as experimental network and mobility are presented.

Y.3021 Recommendation - "New Framework of energy saving for Future Networks

Short Summary - This recommendation describes the framework of energy saving for Future Networks (FNs). It first presents the need for energy saving of networks themselves, and reviews potential technologies. The document then identifies major functions and their cyclic interactions, analyses possible impacts of introducing the technologies, and itemises the high-level requirements for introducing the technologies.

29 November 2011