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13 July 2009
EIFFEL white paper

Starting the Discussion, Final version, 13 July 2009[more]

19 June 2009
Future Internet Assembly - Newsletter No. 6

Life after the FIA'09 Prague Conference... Some 440 people attended the conference! Video records, all speeches and presentations are available at the conference website Have a look and enjoy browsing through...[more]

15 May 2009
A European ICT industry call for action

The European Future Internet Initiative[more]

14 May 2009
Future Internet Conference Prague 2009

Thanks to the Czech EU presidency, Prague was for a few days the place where the European vision of Future Internet was discussed. EU commissioner for information society and media, Mrs Vivian Reding, and Vlastimil Ružicka,...[more]

12 May 2009
The Future Internet for Future Europe

FIA Prague video

10 May 2009
Internet of Things: an early reality of the Future Internet

Workshop report, Prague, 10 May 2009[more]

8 May 2009
Future Intenet 2020

Visions of an industry expert group, May 2009[more]

8 May 2009
International Telecommunication Union

In This Issue Shaping our common future Editorial by Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, ITU Secretary-General Welcome messages Message from the Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic Message from the Minister for Public Works,...[more]

1 May 2009
Future Internet 2020, Call for action by a high level visionary panel

Book by the European Commission, Information Society and Media, May 2009[more]

30 April 2009
Future Internet Assembly - Newsletter No. 5

EU Member countries forum on the Future Internet The forum of EU Member countries with an active interest in the topic Future Internet, will meet for the first time in Prague, 12 May 2009. After introduction of the background...[more]