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20.4.2018 : 10:27

Workshop on the Future Internet PPP Architecture

This workshop is open to all R&D centres interested in participating in the definition of the architecture that will be the basis for proposals in the Usage areas and the Technology Foundation as a response to the Open Call being prepared by the EC on the Future of Internet and whose publication will be announced in June 2010.

The objective of this WS is twofold:

  • To explain to the R&D centres what are the current assumptions and general architectural proposal put forward by industrial companies who are working towards the FI-PPP
  • To obtain a first reaction from R&D centres on what are the necessary elements of the Architecture and get a preliminary indication of the components of the architecture that are available or will be soon available.

The working groups of industrial companies are starting to prepare proposals wish to have an open discussion with the R&D Centres that are interested in participating in this Architecture definition.

If the workshop is over subscribed the selection criteria for participation will be based on the experience of R&D Centres in the area, including particularly the results from EC funded projects that could be brought to the definition work as presented in pre-submitted position papers.


Read the complete undefinedWorkshop invitation including the undefinedagenda and registration details.


Please see information on the undefinedWorkshop venue, undefinedhotels and undefinedtransport.


Read the undefinedEFFI (The European Future Internet Initiative) Position paper on the Core Platform needed to support the Future Internet Projects.

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