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Date: 28 and 29 June 2011

Venue: Hotel Husa President Park, Brussels, Belgium

Co-organised by the EX-FI Support Action, the CONCORD Support Action and the European Commission


Following the successful 2nd Future Internet Usage Areas workshop in Brussels last year, the EX-FI project, the CONCORD project, the EFIA Industry group and European Commission now would like to invite you to the 3rd Usage Areas workshop.
This workshop aims to cultivate a common discussion between the stakeholders from all sectors using, and planning to use, the services and facilities of Future Internet (FI) to build an extended FI community and to foster a holistic cross sector approach to accelerating the Future Internet in Europe.
The workshop will enable a detailed discussion on the Usage Areas requirements and in particular how they can be part of the bigger picture of Future Internet evolution in Europe.

Themes to be addressed:

The themes and open questions to be addressed during the Workshop include:

(1)  In light of the use cases already underway , what additional use cases and scenarios do you consider to be appropriate and representative for large-scale experimentation in close association with the Future Internet PPP and how could this be achieved?
(2)  How can we determine the interoperability and synergy between use cases to stimulate fewer, but larger and stronger, use case trials?
(3)  Can we exploit the common enablers’ concept and the open platform philosophy to stimulate a massive expansion of the development of applications and services in Europe? 
(4)  How can we prioritise use cases with significant societal and economical impact?
(5)  What sort of pan European experimentation environment do you consider necessary for large scale service trials in your use area? How can we get to this ideal scenario?
(6)  What can we expect from the FI-PPP and its future calls in terms of supporting 3rd party innovation?
(7)  How can the remaining FP7 calls and the Eureka CELTIC calls and other Eureka clusters assist with this initiative?
(8)   Should we develop a European “Use Case Factory” to focus the inclusive discussions on cross sector collaboration?
(9)  How should the discussion and community be organised to ensure involvement, influence and active contribution from the sector players? 
(10)  What demands should we place on the Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation to continue this initiative beyond 2013?

Workshop Format:

The workshop will be organized as a sequential discussion as all participants should hear the opinions of the different sectors, participate in the discussions and the resulting proposals should be as inclusive as possible. Participation is actively encouraged from the diverse Usage Areas representatives, particularly those who are not currently involved in the future internet initiatives, as well as representatives of the Future Internet PPP projects recently selected.

Expected Results:

The primary result of the workshop should be an increased awareness of the opportunities for further Usage Area involvement, the opportunities for developing consistent services and applications, and an emerging consensus on the need for cross sector collaboration. 
The conclusions should consider how to bring the community together and prioritise activities for the next period into an action plan designed to stimulate the development of advanced internet technologies, services and content and encourage their deployment into the fabric of European society and industry.

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Registration is closed.


All correspondence regarding this event should be sent to: undefined3rd-UA-workshop(at)

Logistics Contacts:

EX-FI: undefinedDavid Kennedy, Eurescom

CONCORD: undefinedPetra Turkama, Aalto and undefinedAnna Kivilehto, IBBT
Workshop secretariat: undefinedMs Luitgard Hauer, Eurescom

Location:  Brussels, undefinedHusa President Park Hotel, Timing:  28 June 2011, 09:00 – 29 June 2011, 13:00