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20.4.2018 : 10:30

EFIA Organisation

Currently the structure of the EFIA is an ad-hoc assembly of leading European ICT organisations, called the the EFIA Consultation group, who want to stimulate the development of advanced internet technologies, services and content and encourage their deployment into the fabric of European society and industry

EFIA are currently discussing how to formalise the organisation and foster an open discussion in the wider ICT community – involving the ICT industries and the application sectors that will be the users of the advances communications services.

Our ambition is to ensure that there is a coherent structure to the European research space and that all participants in research activities are fully aware of the need to support the interdependencies between all sectorial solutions.  This awareness will contribute to stimulating large scale markets that foster economies of scale for new services and increase the scale and speed of take of these new services

In advance of the formal organisation of EFIA you are invited to subscribe to the EFIA mail list and you receive information as the organisation develops. The registration of participants in this Initiative is being handled on behalf of the group by Eurescom in Germany and at this point in time it is simply for you to register your interest and to be fully informed about the activities and events related to the EFIA.         

The organisations discussing the preparation currently include:

Alcatel-Lucent, Atos Origin, BBC, BT, CISCO, Deutsche Telekom, DFKI, Elsagdatamat, Engineering, Ericsson, Eurescom, France Telecom/Orange, HP, INRIA, Intel, NEC labs, Nokia Siemens Networks, SAP, Siemens, Sintef, Technicolor, Telecom Itália, Telefônica I & D, Thales, U. Duisburg-Essen.

EFIA Action Plans 2011:

  • Formalise the EFIA structure
  • Support the 3rd Usage Area Workshop: June 2011 Brussels
  • Prepare an Industry Follow-Up paper on the Future Internet PPP
  • Engage the sectors in the research agenda planning and project proposals
  • Engage the Commission on the structure and work plan for FI-PPP Call 3, FP8 and related issues
  • Engage the national authorities in national research agenda

If you wish to register your organisation for information and participation in the EFIA activities please click undefinedhere.