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EFIA Vision:

"The innovative society and sustainable economy of Europe 2020 will be based on ICT empowered citizens and industries”

EFIA Mission:

“EFIA will stimulate the development of advanced internet technologies, services and content and encourage their deployment into the fabric of European society and industry"

EFIA Objectives:

  • To promote a Holistic FI vision that encompasses the advanced content, services and network technologies and is based upon input from the ICT and user sectors
  • To develop FI research agendas and technology roadmaps
  • To identify technological FI gaps and initiate actions to fill these gaps
  • To ensure that the advanced FI services and applications address the needs of the user domains
  • To utilize the breadth of expertise available from industrial and academic organisations to deliver the EFIA objectives.
  • To promote the uptake of FI results and identify barriers to their use
  • To be the “One European voice” for FI in a cross-sector framework
  • To be independent, impartial and inclusive in generating the European views on the future internet issues.
  • To continually monitor and improve the relevance and effectiveness of EFIA in achieving its mission

EFIA Community Strategies:

  • Organize cross-sector interaction, addressing a wide community and assuring openness to all organizations and sector interests

          – achieving a mutual understanding of the sectors’ views

          – providing a place for sectors to express their ICT needs

          – providing a place for sectors to understand how ICT can support their needs                 and generate new opportunities

          – strengthening cross-sector cooperation and collaboration on European,                International and national level

  • Organize the interaction of various ICT and sector specific organisations - including the existing platforms

          -  Provide an innovative interaction platform for industry, research and user                    domains

          -  Build partner networks between cross-sector industries and academics

  • Consolidate community views to consistent European positions on Future Internet Issues and influence the availability of research opportunities to address these issues

          -  Facilitate long term strategic European collaboration within current and                        future programmes while supporting short to mid term progress through                       current programmes (PPP, KIC, FP7, Celtic-Plus, ...)

EFIA Action Plans:

  • Support the 3rd Usage Area Workshop: June 2011
  • Prepare an Industry Follow-Up paper on the Future Internet PPP
  • Engage the sectors in the research agenda planning and project proposals
  • Engage the Commission on the structure and work plan for FI-PPP Call 3, FP8 and related issues
  • Engage the national authorities in national research agenda planning